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Arif M. Naqvi (2013 Business for Peace Honouree, Pakistan)

Founder & Chief Executive, The Abraaj Group

What is your company doing?

Abraaj Growth Markets Health Fund (AGHF) aims to use Partnership Capital (SDG17) to build a healthcare services group that delivers sustainable, affordable and high quality preventative and curative services to the people of Africa and South Asia (SDG3) whilst providing superior financial returns to investors and sustainable benefits to our partners and the people we serve. As with all Abraaj investments, AGHF supports local entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and increase local hiring and upskilling (SDG8), including equal opportunity for women/caregivers (SDG5).

Why are you doing it?

Abraaj has invested over US$ 1bn in 27 healthcare businesses across growth markets since 2003. We have identified the growing need for a health systems model including hospitals, diagnostics networks, and specialty services which serve growth markets and is supported by deeply embedded local investing and operating teams that embrace both financial returns and improving prevention, access, affordability, and quality for the populations it serves, hence the establishment of AGHF, initially serving 10 growth market cities (SDG11).

What is the impact?

We envision that by 2019, AGHF will operate across 10 cities, operating over 10,500 beds and over 275 diagnostics centres, serving over 17 million patients annually. AGHF will employ over 56,500 people through its partner companies. We will also run a community health worker program in parallel, training nearly 1,000 CHWs per year to raise awareness and provide basic services to the rural areas of our target markets. AGHF also brings together the private sector, governments, and NGOs to provide sustainable solutions.

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